Large boulders at one point were not an ideal Landscape piece to help entice and enrich your Landscape appearance. Landscape Boulders have grown to a unique item that now encompasses a look that many look to have. Whether your landscape is a drought tolerant landscape and your boulders help provide that desert look or you possibly building a retaining wall made out of boulders, Boulders have now become a piece that allows your yard to have a unique feel.

Boulders can be used in many different ways. Typically the first thought that many see boulders being used for is for the Drought/desert landscape. The corner house that has removed all their sod, laid down fresh weed block, rocked their front yard and have planted a couple drought tolerant plants. In order to add more design they have added a couple strategic boulders around to break up the sea of rocks……. Boulders in this fashion work well in all sizes. Typically in this fashion these boulders are medium to large size.

Boulders also can be used to build retaining walls, this type of usage requires many more boulders than the idea mentioned above, and however it can create a great retaining wall for the backyard that can help create your retaining wall. This idea is produced in large scale typically around new home developments, have you driven by a new home development and see how they use very large boulders as a retaining wall to help against erosion as well as provides great scenery as new home buyers enter into their future home.


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