Fall is approaching and customers ask what is the best treatment one can do for their lawn as they enter into the fall season. Questions come across about when is the best time to over seed, or when should one apply pre-emergent and how can we maintain that deep green color of a healthy lawn throughout the winter when our lawn typically goes dormant. All of these questions are great, however in this article we are going to discuss the benefits of aerating in the fall season!


Aerating is the process of mechanically poking holes in your turf. If you have ever visited a public park or field and seen these small dirt clogs that look as if your neighbor’s dog has used the bathroom all over the place…. You are walking on a freshly aerated lawn. The purpose of aerating your lawn is to allow for better penetration of air, nutrients and water to the grass roots. Aerating helps alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles in a compacted space that prevent proper circulation of air, soil and nutrients. Our company typically aerates twice a year, going into the fall season (Sept/Oct) and entering into the spring season (Apr.). \

How to tell if you’re Lawn Needs Aerating…..

  1. Heavy use, Do you have kids, or a commercial facility that receives high traffic on a daily basis? High traffic areas contribute to soil compaction from the constant foot traffic.
  2. Build Up of Thatch? A Thatch area prevents proper circulation of nutrients, air and water. Possibly causing additional run off and/or improper nutrient uptake of fertilizers and pre-emergents.

There is 2 types of Aeration methods…. One can choose between a Plug aerator or Spike aeration. Spike aeration is typically used on smaller yards, such as homes and only pokes holes in your lawn. While a Plug aerator pulls out a small section of soil. Spike aeration also is typically used on smaller areas because you have to put these applications on your shoes and walk your grass area. Poking holes where as the plug aerator is done mechanically by a machine.


Aerating is a great tool to assist in nutrient uptake and reduce in water runoff. Over seeding after aerating is always beneficial and aerating twice a year is recommended for areas that receive high traffic.


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