The rain season has begun for the Sacramento region. With a couple of inches falling this early in the fall season one might question how can your irrigation system be adjusted for the additional rainfall we have experienced this year. There has to be a better solution than turning your irrigation clock on and off each time rain falls. A rain sensor is the best solution to solve your irrigation needs during the rainy period.


There are two type of Rain Sensors that one could purchase. There is a wireless option that has a range up to 300-400 ft. and then another type of rain sensor that can be wired directly to the sensor that has a range of about 100 ft. As for which option is better it typically depends on the scenario and situation that one is in. The wired sensor always works perfectly because the system is directly hardwired to the clock and therefore never has any problems unless the wire is disconnected. The wireless sensor also is great for clocks that are typically not close to the exterior of a building or would cause difficulties running a wire from the clock to the exterior. We typically run into this problem with hotels and office buildings that have their clock in a mechanical room. Going against conventional wisdom, the wireless sensor actually does quite well even amongst thick areas of trees or through concrete buildings.


Rain sensors work by adjusting the sensor to a designated amount of rainfall. Typically a sensor has a number of ranges that the consumer can select. The number is the amount of rainfall needed to fall in order to shut off your irrigation. You can select for instance, if 1” of rainfall falls, your system can shut down. The rain sensor is set up as a cup that collects water and if enough water hits your desired amount the system will turn off until the cup dries out (rain stops). Allowing for your irrigation to be turned off by nature rather than by you.


Typically any rain sensor can work with any clock however the wireless ones are a little bit more particular than the wired rain sensors. Request your free Rain Sensor Quote and receive $50.00 off your purchase if you mention this article!