Through our current Xeriscape Promotion that we are doing. One has the opportunity to change their current irrigation over from Pop Up heads to a drip system. This transition not only helps in the reduction of water but is much easier than one might think. Now in order to do this some things must go. You no longer can have a freshly laid sod with a drip system. Xeriscape is a term used to describe landscape that is water saving, or maybe you have heard the term water wise. This type of landscape typically refers to shrubs that are native to the area and require little water once established. Over the last couple of projects that we have completed Xeriscaping can be summed up to be removing all sod, changing out the sprinkler system to drip and turning you area that was once grass into an area that is landscaped with rock/mulch, a couple boulders and water wise plants that are on a drip system. We are going to walk you through the process of changing your sprinkler system over to a drip system!


The first step in changing your sprinkler system from pop ups to a drip system is to first locate each head on the sprinkler valve. We typically do this by turning on the valve and marking each sprinkler head with an irrigation flag. This allows us to be able to locate each head once we turn the water off.

Image result for irrigation flags on sprinklers


Our irrigation tech will then go around to each flag (sprinkler) and removing the actual sprinkler and putting a cap on each head to prevent watering from that particular location. On the last sprinkler head to cap, instead of placing a cap on this head we would install an irrigation converter, that allows us to convert from the riser that is coming out of the PVC to the drip tubing that we are going to use for the plants. This unit can be purchased at any Department or specialty irrigation store. The unit below is just one example that you can use to transition from PVC to drip tubing. There is numerous ways to do this transition with the same end goal.

Perma-Loc Tubing Male Threads Adapter



Finally once you have your drip tubing connected and ran to each proper plant the next thing that you must do is install a Pressure Reducer and filter. Again like the drip converter there is many ways to do this, however the most frequent way one accomplishes this goal is by installing it directly at the valve. If you have ever seen the picture below on your irrigation valves, you are looking at a pressure reducer and filter. The pressure reducer and filter helps control the pressure of your drip irrigation, typically a valve might produce too much water and cause the drip heads to blow off, so a pressure reducer helps regulate that and maintain a constant pressure. The other thing that the pressure reducer does is filter the water, helping alleviate any clogging on the drip emitters in the future. Unlike pop ups, drip emitters can get clogged very easily and if they do your plants will not get watered.

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Concrete Landscape Services is here to assist you in your Landscaping needs. Take advantage of our Holiday Pricing for all Xeriscape Promotions! Do your part in helping us conserve water!