Today, we got the opportunity to deal with a common issue that is apparent in many properties we see. Having improper watering for the type of grounds that are present. To be clearer, it would be like having a drip system watering a sod area or a rotor head watering a shrub. These are the improper watering techniques.

Improper watering occurs quite often and typically not on purpose. You might have experiences a reconstruction of your property. Removing sod and installing Xeriscape landscape or possibly vice versa. Depending on the size of your area if you had sod and now switched over to Xeriscape you could of possibly had Rotor heads and now you have shrubs that require less water.

When running into this problem. There is a couple of things I like to think about.

  1. The first thing to think about is how much water your area truly needs. Whether you have rotors, pop ups or drip system. These possibly could work for your area but you have to determine the proper amount you need.
  2. The second thing would be how can we change from our current state to what type of heads/watering system you need. Changing Pop ups to Rotor heads is do able the only challenge you might run into is pressure. Your valve might not be large enough to supply sufficient water to each head. However downsizing from Rotor heads to drip system is easy.
  3. Drip System requires the least amount of water pressure.
  4. Pop Ups are in the middle of the pressure gradient
  5. Rotor Heads require the highest pressure. Typically highest pressure means larger PVC size.


I like to try and find ways to maintain the current irrigation in order to have minimal construction as possible. Whether that be changing out my rotor heads for pop ups and turning the heads down or actually capping all the pop ups instead of one and running a drip line off one of the original pop ups to maintain the underground infrastructure are all possible options in changing irrigation over to fit your new needs.