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The Spring is approaching quickly and with that wonderful weather comes pollen. Our #1 source for Spring Allergies. WIth us being in the field on a daily basis we have learned a thing or two about fighting this high allergy season. Now I am not saying we have conquered this seemingly undefeatable battle, but over the years we seem to keep getting better and better……


Allergies are caused by the pollen that is released from the trees (early spring) and grass (late spring). Pollen is important to the plant community because pollen is needed to fertilize the growth of new plants. Pollen is tiny microscopic grains that are carried by the wind. This evolutionary trait is one feature that allows different species of plants to arrive in many different regions of the world. 


Avoiding allergies during the spring might seem to be a unattainable goal. Many throw in the towel in just live in misery during the spring season until the pollen has passed. Over the years I have tried many different allergy medicines (over the counter & prescribed, name brand & generic) and none seem to do the trick. However I will like to share with you some tips I have learned to overcome this unavoidable period…….


  1. Pollen is sticky. It is meant to be sticky, once it lands on a hopeful plant it is meant to stick there to fertilize that plant. It just so happen that you were in it’s path at the right time at the right moment (and you tell people you aren’t lucky….) Pollen is then stuck to your clothes, as the accumulation of pollen happens it begins to trigger your allergic reaction. With us being landscapers and out in the field all day. We have learned to bring multiple layers of clothing (more specifically multiple shirts). We have noticed that when we change shirts during the day, it reduces the amount of pollen around us which in turn provides some benefits in reducing our allergic reaction. For you not being in the field as much as us (I’m assuming) wearing a layer of clothing over your clothes while you are outside and then removing that article of clothing once you are in the car, office or home will help in the amount of pollen build up around you. Providing you some relief to your allergies…….
  2. Glasses similar to an article of clothing over your eyes is also a big benefit in keeping that pollen from flying directly into your eyes. You might naturally have this already in your daily wardrobe, but wearing large glasses that surround your eyes helps in protecting you from receiving that direct pollen to a sensitive area. (Landscapers take it a step further and will sometimes have bandannas around their mouth region to help protect them from breathing it in. Depending on the amount of time you are outside this might not be necessary but is always a option.) 
  3. Finally the third option that we see that assist is helping fight our allergies is taking medicine early, early as in yesterday. It does not matter what kind of medicine you take, over the counter, prescribed, generic or name brand anything will do. Now I am not a doctor and have never practiced medicine but I have had my fair share of allergy medicine and I have not found anything that works better over another in my years if taking allergy medicine. Since that is the case I normally pick the cheapest….. I have taken multiple brands at the same time to help fight my allergies but nothing seems to work as well as taking medicine prior to your allergies being in full effect….. 

These are a couple of the things we do as we prepare for another Spring Season…… We always like to hear any other suggestions that you might use to help fight the allergy season!


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