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Trying to determine Drought Tolerant Plants for your landscape does not have to be a dreaded process. Drought Tolerant Plants are actually much simpler than many seem. Many Nurseries even go as far as Labeling “Water Wise” plants that work well in N. California. You will get to see some of the colorful options that we like to suggest for our clients who decide to switch to a Xeriscape Landscape……….

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Agave “Blue Flame” – This wonderful plant has a great appearance which is the reason that many designers use it in Landscape designs. Nurseries have a hard time keeping these in stock due to its increased popularity. It gets its name from its leaves that give it a gas flame look. It is a great plant with a true distinctive look.


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Bougainvillea – The Bougainvillea is probably the most drought tolerant plant on this list yet is very colorful. Many get confused and think that when choosing a water wise landscape that they have to give up on color. This plant proves that you don’t, with many different colors available and easy to grow. The Bougainvillea allows you to have a water wise landscape with color that will be noticed by all passing eyes!


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Lampranthus Aurantiacus – Is a ground cover shrub that also acts as a weed suppressant. Are you tired of those weeds popping up through your landscape? This beats all round up and weed killer products because not only does it act as a suppressant, it also provides color in the winter and early spring months. Lampranthus can be purchased in Orange, Yellow and Pink Flowers that provide excellent color through the cooler months of the years!


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Agave Desmetiana “Variegata” – The Agave Variegata is a great focal shrub/plant. That demands much attention when situated in the landscape properly. This particular agave is very water wise, requiring very little watering once established. This agave does have small teeth along the margins that help fight against bugs and predators looking to find an easy meal.


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Limonium Perezii – Are you looking for a shrub that requires little water, good height and flowers from spring through summer?  The Limonium is a great shrub that produces attractive lavender blooms regularly. As the older blooms start to fade to a lighter lavender bloom, new blooms reappear regularly. Creating a great contrast in Lavender color all spring and summer long.  For better results, dead head older blooms for faster and brighter blooms!