Peace Lily

Earlier this week we installed a fresh Peace Lily at the Hilton here in Sacramento. Often times we get asked how do we keep our plants so shinning? How are you able to avoid the dull, dried out leaf that seems to be so apparent in many interior plants. Interior plants are actually much simpler than the might seem….

After determining the proper light requirements the plant requires the upkeep is pretty simple. Majority of the plants like to have their soil moist at all times (Peace Lily’s, Anthurium, etc.) while Bromeliads like to keep their crown’s full and soil dry. Maintaining that impeccable shine is the easy part.

Many suggest using a mixture of Milk and Water, Mineral Oil and even Mayonnaise. I personally have used all three different types in order to maintain shine on my Interior plants. What I have learned using these is that Milk and Mayonnaise actually do work well but sometimes attract pest and animals that are unwanted. Mineral Oil works great as well but depending on where your plant is situated based on Sunlight the mineral oil can actually cook your plant if it receives to much sunlight….

The Best solution that we have found is simple Soap and Water. For our interior plant services, we like to have a spray bottle filled with Soap and Water, we use this solution to wipe down all plants, this not only creates the shine you are looking for but also helps in removing dust and dirt. After completing the Soap and Water solution. A simple misting does the final touches. Creating that ever lasting shine is much easier than you imagined.

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