As we enter into the month of Feburary you will want to begin to start thinking about Merit Injections for the trees around your property. Depending on your property type (Industrial, Muti-Family, Retail etc.) you will want to take careful consideration as to when you perform your merit injections. Not only will the type of tree determine when you need to apply the pesticide but also the type of insect you are trying to get rid of. 

The purpose of Merit Injections is to help eradicate a number of insects (Adelgids, Aphids, Beetles, Emerald Ash Borer and many more) from trees due to the issues they cause. Some insects harm the trees, while others create a stickly liquid similar to sap that ends up falling on everything beneath it. Depending on your geographic location, you will see higher number of certain insects and will want to provide treatments for those particular insects. Merit Injections are normally applied 2-4 months prior to the emergence of the pests. Here at CLS we like to apply our merit applications 3 months prior to provide adequate time for the root system to take up all chemicals and for it to spread throughout the tree. 

Research and literature say that Merit Injections can have residual effects for as long as 2 years, but in our experience we see 6 months being a comfortable time table in how long chemicals last throughout the tree.Here is Sacramento, CA we have a big problem with Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphids. These Aphids have emerged in our city for the Asian Countries. These Aphids are responsible for the sticky sap like by product that is seen in the summer months. If you have ever parked your car under a tree or just looked under a tree and it have the look as if it was wet and when you touched it or stepped in it, it was sticky? This is from Asian Aphids. This particuar variety of Aphids become present in the summer months (June/July) after the typical Aphids (Apr/May) creating a minor problem in determing a good time for application. Wanting to eradicate both but providing sufficient time for uptake becomes difficult. Here at CLS for properties that deal with a lot of cars, hotels, shopping centers, offices, we like to perform our Merti Injections in the month of March. The reason is because this time frame allows for uptake to dea with the Apr. Aphids but still have a strong dosage for our Asian Aphids which in reality cause more noticeable problems for us due to the sticky sap like substance that is created.

Merit Injections are a great way to reduce the number of insects around your property. There are a number of different type of applications that you can do in order to get the chemical into the tree with the most used application being direct injection which is inserted into the root system. Begin to prepare for your Merit Injections.


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