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Reports have been stating that we are anticapating RECORD LEVELS of Rain. California is in desperate need of Rain, with rivers at all time lows and municipalities being forced to go through desperate measures in order to cut back on water use. Through this summer are trees have received high temperatures with very little water. This has caused many trees to be stressed and much weaker than normal.

The lack of water has caused many trees to be a lot weaker for this upcoming fall/winter season but even more frightening this El Nino Season. Wind naturally is stronger during the winter season, but with high climate pressures due to El Nino, our winds are expected to be much faster through these next couple of months.

Wind has been the main culprit in causing the destruction that we are seeing around our properties. Whether you are a commercial property or residential property you want to make sure your trees are properly prepared for the rain and wind storms that are on there way.

How To Prepare Your Property For Rain Storm:

1. The first thing and most easy to do is look for any Broken/Split Branches. Branches that have been broken or have limbs split, need to be the first to be removed. These have the highest possibility of falling when any type of storm comes by. With winds increasing due to the season, taking a quick look for broken or split limbs is the first thing you should do in preparing your trees for the storm.

2. Thinning is a process that removes branches that are not growing vertically. Branches that grow horizontally have a higher chance of getting caught by the wind and breaking off. Branches that grow sideways also cross many other branches and have the possbility of breaking other branches due to high winds. Thinning can be completed on multiple degrees from a simple thinning that removes small branches to a complete thinning that leaves only main shoots.

When you are thinning you should keep in mind surrounding areas. If you are a commercial facility and have many pedestrians and cars parking by your trees you will want to do a higher degree of thinning in order to remove any potential hazards from happening. The same process for trees close to homes. Thinning removes a lot of weight from the tree, allowing the center of gravity to reduce down to the trunk giving it a better chance of surviving high winds.

3. Similar to thinning you can level off or Reduce the height of your tree. With you lowering the height of the tree, you again begin to reduce the center of gravity allowing the weight to be more at the base. This will give the tree a better chance of standing wind storms that we will face in the near future.

4. The final thing you can do is totally remove any tree that you are not looking to have. You might have noticed around your property, some trees that are not as healthy due to the past summer. Removing a tree allows us to remove any future problems and keep your property free of any falling obstacles.

Bonus. Keep in mind Light Clearance, this part does not have to do much with preparing for any storm, however if your property receives many customers throughtout the night (shopping centers, hotels, etc.) we want to make sure your property is receiving adequate light. Pruning trees around street lights, allows for adequate light to your parking lots, walkways and other high traffic areas. This light will allow your customers to feel safe throughtout the evening.

Feel free to Schedule a Tree Consultation. A CLS Representative will walk your property with you. The storm is on the way and you want to make sure you are prepared when it arrives.

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