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As we enter into the first week of the New Year. Many New Year Resolutions are in full effect. What is not as popular is resolutions/enhancements for your landscape around your property. In this article we discuss 3 simple ways that can change the appearance of any property with minimal cost. These enhancements can help commercial property owners to enhance their buildings appearance to increase visibility to attract future tenants, realtors sell their properties in a shorter amount of time and the homeowner create an attractive environment that they can enjoy. ALL properties can take advantage of these tips….


Being in the industry we get the advantage of seeing many properties across many different property types and what is working and what is not. We get the opportunity to work with developers of all sizes and investors across the city in choosing landscapes that help them increase attention to their properties. With many options available in any property type or property for sale. Having your property stand out is the best way to increase your chance of achieving the results you are looking for. 


  1. The first enhancement that many properties do not take advantage of is the addition of SeasonalColor. Seasonal color can be added to your property in a number of ways. What works best is applying your annual color to high visible areas. We see this done at marquee signs for shopping centers, flower beds that lead to the entrances of hotels/office buildings and around realtor signs. Annuals should be applied in a variety of colors & heights creating a distinction among the annuals will assist in bringing the attention to your property.
  2. With our recent drought restrictions that the city of Sacramento faced last year. Mulching not only assist in bringing attention to your property but in a number of ways by helping with water retention, soil erosion, etc. Mulching flower beds around your property is a great way to create a consistent appearance around your property. Having a clean and presentable appearance is the best way to enhance the look of your property. 
  3. RaisingTree Canopies is the 1 tip that in this list that does not need annual replenishment or quarterly change outs. Normally once you raise the canopy on any of the trees around your property only minimal upkeep will be needed in order to maintain proper visual clearance to the property. The reason we like to raise tree canopies is because we like to have properties clear of obstruction for all passing pedestrians, Similar to raising canopies if you have larger shrubs blocking the view, you might want to think about reducing the height if your goal is to have the property noticed by passing motorist. 

These three tricks have been used on many commercial properties. Our goal is to increase visibility. Increase the cleanliness of the property and ensure are property is noticed by passing motorist. These 3 tricks can help do that for your property. 


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