MP Rotators

MP Rotators are the newest type of Irrigation heads that allow for optimal efficiency. Reduction in water use and better absorption rates across all landscape types (Planter Beds, Sod Areas and Ground Cover Shrubs). MP Rotators are the new revolutionary Sprinkler head by Hunter that allows your property to produce the most effective watering possible.


MP Rotators are heads that are produced by Hunter that have individual streams exiting from the Nozzle Head. At first glance this type of watering might seem to be counter intuitive. However with the lower absorption rate this type of watering system allows you to be more precise with your watering as well as reduce in the amount of run-off. In addition MP Rotators reduce your total water usage by as much as 30% overall from the typical pop up head

MP Rotators - Water Usage SavingsMP Rotators are more efficient due to the spray patterns in the image above you can a typical Pop Up head vs. the MP Rotator. With the MP Rotator applying water at a lower rate it allows for a more even watering across your landscape. A typical Pop Up head naturally has over & under spraying that causes uneven watering which leads to some areas being under watered while others being overwatered which in turn creates flooding. A typical MP Rotator will need to have it watering time increased. MP Rotators apply water at .4″/hour where as a regular head applies at 1.6″/hour. Even with the increased watering time you will find yourself reducing the number of gallons needed to water your landscape.


Another great benefit with the MP Rotator is that with the lower water usage per head it allows you to reduce the size of the valve for applicable watering. Or increase the number of heads on a particular valve. In turn reducing your installation cost by reducing number of valves, lateral piping and labor for each area. We have used the product in the field and to give you a real life example we had an area that would require typically 6 zones (1.5″ Valve) for the 55 popups. We were able to reduce the Zones down to 2 (1.5″ Zones) but had to increase the heads to 68 MP Rotators. Even with the increased number of heads we were able to save 15% on construction cost for this new installation project.

MP Rotators - Nozzle Adjustments

MP Rotators come in 10 different nozzle sprays broken down into 3 categories from Arc Adjustment and 4 Categories from Radius.  In the photo above it is missing the MP 3500 series which makes up the 10th nozzle adjustment that has a radius of 31′-35′ and only one arc adjustment of 90-210 degrees.

MP Rotators have 4 Selections for Radius:

MP Rotator 1000, 8′-15′

MP Rotator 2000, 13′-21′

MP Rotator 3000, 22′-30′

MP Rotator 3500 31′-35′


Each Rotator has 3 Arc Adjustments: (Except for MP Rotator 3500, it only has 90-210 degree.)

90 – 210 Degree Adjustment

210 – 270 Degree Adjustment

360 Degree Adjustment.



For your next Installation project. Consider using MP Rotators for your Irrigation Watering Needs.