The time is approaching to begin thinking about providing Merit Injections for your trees around your property. Depending on what type of Pests/Insects you are trying to combat will determine on when you preform your Merit Injections (Feb-Apr). 

In this article I wanted to discuss with you how to properly measure your tree in order to determine the proper amount of chemical you will need to provide to your tree. When you begin to enter the conversation of Merit injections you will soon run into a term called “DBH (Diameter at breast height)” DBH is the measurement that Landscapers use to determine how much chemical needs to be applied to each individual tree.


How To Measure the DBH

  1. The First and easiest way to measure the DBH of your tree is to purchase a Diameter Measuring tape. This type of measuring tape is properly calibrated to provide you the DBH of your tree. When using this type of tape measure you will not need to wrap your tape measure around the trunk, simply measure the width of the trunk with your Diameter Tape Measure and you will determine the DBH. 
  2. If you are not scared of a little math or not wanting to purchase a tape measure strictly for Diameter you can always use a regular tape measure. Take a moment and recall back to grade school when you learned how to find the Diameter of a circle. You were given a formula, Diameter = Circumference/Pi(3.14). To use this formulat you will need to find the circumference of the trunk. Take your tape measure and wrap it around the trunk of your tree at chest height (4.5ft). The number that you receive is going to be the circumference, you will need to divide that number by 3.14 to determine the DBH. 

Now that you have found the DBH you will be able to determine exactly how much Merit is required to properly treat your tree. 

Single or Multi Trunk

Determining whether you have a single or multi trunk tree can be done very quickly. When performing your DBH measurement you always want to measure at chest height (4.5ft). If the point at which you are measuring has one trunk you have a single trunk tree. If you have a multiple trunks at your measuring height you have a multi trunk.

When faced with multi trunks you need to add up all trunks to determine the proper DBH. 


We will be writing another article shortly on the different type of insects merit injections helps avoid in the coming days. 


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