Spring Time is approaching and many might be thinking of ways to enhance the visual appearance of your property. Mulching is one of the top ways to enhance the appearance of your property. Not only does mulch create a better visual environment, it has one major benefit that you might currently be frustrated with…


Sacramento has experienced enormous amount of rainfall over the last couple of months. With temperatures lower and rainfall high your property could be experiencing higher number of weeds due to the more favorable environment. Spraying weeds with chemical is difficult to do, due to the amount of rainfall that is leeching your chemical away from its desired target and depending on the amount of weeds or how large your property is pulling weeds by hand can equate to large amount of time that you do not have dedicated to that task. Mulching is a great alternative in getting rid of weeds around your property and here is why:


  1. Weeds need light and warm soil in order to survive. Mulching at 2/3″ prevents a good majority of all weeds and seeds from sprouting. Creating a barrier eliminates the sunlight that many seeds need in order to thrive.  Without the sunlight weeds do not have enough energy to push through the mulch. Mulching with weeds currently within your flower/planter beds will not help. All weeds will need to be removed in order for your fresh mulch to have the best success
  2. Mulching around annual and perennials is also a great idea due to the amount of soil that is present in these flower beds. The best way to perform the mulching for your flower beds is by installing all plant material first, and then applying your mulch throughout your flower beds. Mulching first and then adding your plant material causes some dirt to rise above your mulch allowing it a higher possibility of reaching more favorable living conditions. 
  3. Any mulch will be sufficient in preventing your weeds from growing. There are many different colors to choose from that should be exciting for your desired areas. Remember that black mulch is the hottest of them all and during warmer months will create more radiant heat that will be passed to plant material in your flower beds. 


Mulching is a great solution but is a solution that needs to be replenished over time, due to loss of color or break down mulch will need to be replenished on a minimum of once a year in order to maintain effectiveness. We strongly recommend mulching twice a year during the spring and fall months for the best results. 


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